My career journey hasn’t been easy. I remember meeting friends for dinner and pouring my heart’s worries about everything especially work i.e. handling difficult bosses, job scope that are beyond my capabilities, office politics etc. They all stared at me, speechless. They, too, didn’t know how they could help. Feeling alone, I asked these questions

How do i navigate through this?

How do i approach the issues?

Am i the only one facing this?

I don’t want to go to work anymore! Help!

Will there be an end to this?

I wish i can talk to someone who understands how i feel!






Join me as i share my journey with useful tips here.

I’ve been there too and nobody wants to feel alone. Let’s meet and share our struggles and experiences of work and everything else and change the energy from me too to how to in hopes to inspire your complex minds to be confident to face it through our intimate conversations.

See you ❤