Munira Almenoar is all about embracing the messy life and turning every wound into wisdom. If there’s anything that life have taught her so far, is that it’s never about the end point, it is about the journey.

Embracing life means getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. An epic journey is never clean and pretty. There are dark moments – quests full of confusion and surprises, and sometimes it’s impossible to imagine how she is going to come out on the other side. But she grew stronger along the way too; she got to know herself better – and gained clarity about what matters most.

After embracing the messy life, she realized that she is not easily derailed by a snipe from anyone at all. She continued to chase the newness, with a new outlook in life and that means there are more challenge, harder ones even.

Munira Almenoar hopes to share her stories and tell anyone out there that they are not alone in the quest for the big life. She plans to organise intimate conversations with the intentions to evolve from me too to how to. At the end of it all, she wants to spin around the complex minds to confidence inside out.