After a short break, I’m back to work. Load my mails.. 50+ Meetings, training, deadlines, chasing people and being chased for work. Stayed back for a short while to get work organised.
Honestly, i am pleasantly surprised by my calmness and approach to what may seem as an overwhelming day. This time, I expected that load of mail, work to sort out & deadlines to meet. I expected it all and of course, i left some room for surprises.

Expectations. We are bound to expect the best for ourselves but do we want to delude our minds into thinking that things will go my way and then be utterly dissapointed? .
I’ve learnt that if i expected realistically, i am more calm to receive the day as compared to ‘i hope my email doesnt flood’ ‘i hope she covered my urgent work’ and then be angry ‘omg what? 50 emails in just 2 days? Give me a break!’ ‘how can she not help to cover this work!’.
Some say it’s best to have no expectations at all and you’ll be contented with what you have. I think that being true to yourself, to the people around you, to the environment and have a realistic expectation helps in the coping mechanism. Everytime when things don’t go our way or feel disappointed, i hope we take some time to reflect on what were our expectations, what happened and how can i approach the situation next time by managing expectations realistically.

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