Whats your pitch?


What would you prepare yourself with if you were told that you’re going to meet 2 UK gentlemen who your boss reports to?
I was prepping my 5 mins pitch of ‘tell us about yourself’ So, What’s in the pitch? (I was so nervous, i had to read my resume to remind me of my experiences 🙈) I tell my friends all the time to make sure you can summarise your resume in a quick 5 mins story. Start with your education and your most recent working experience. Inject some parts of yourself by mentioning your interests and how you enjoy a certain task. On most days, this would have worked.

Plot twist today: It was not a job interview, they just wanted to have a chat with me. They asked nothing like what i rehearsed in mind. I had to incorporate my pitch in the questions asked.
Moral of the story: never rehearse your lines in a paragraph. You won’t be able to say what you have memorized under pressure. Instead polish your sentencing & confidence. Do you & Let your personality shine through! After all, they are interested in knowing you & not your rehearsed lines. .

What would you say in your pitch?

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