Hijab + Career

The first real job i was offered asked ‘are you willing to remove your hijab? You will have to wear a uniform’ she added ‘there some  who remove the hijab during working hours’. I come from an Islamic school and the dream career i was offered made me wear short cullotes. I was determined and sure of my intentions. I comforted myself that only Allah and i know the real intentions and forget about the naysayers.
4.5 years, It was a smooth journey Alhamdulillah. I was on constant reminder of my intentions but it wasn’t long until i got complacent. Suddenly, not wearing the hijab felt normal, engaging in unhealthy activities became alright and i felt my heart straying away from Islam.

Was i clear of my intentions of not wearing hijab at work? Yes. Was i confident that i can manage myself and my religion? Yes. But what  i may have forgotten is that every time i am engaged in an activity that is not pleasing to Him, there are the unseen who is celebrating this moment and encouraged me to continue on this path. Mentioned several times in the Quran clearly of their intentions. It is to deviate the believers. It could also be that we are tempted, influenced or pressured. Forbidden fruits always looks inviting doesn’t it?

Sometimes the danger is not in what we know or what we can control but it is in the unseen and uncontrollable things that we need to protect ourselves from. Maybe, we need to question our intention a little deeper, are there other jobs available that allow me to wear my hijab? It is the lost of a company to reject based on the hijab. In fact, companies should see that my dedication to my religion is a sign of the level of commitment i can give for the job.

We need to constantly strive for the best in His Pleasure and be reminded of why are we wearing the hijab i.e. obligation & modesty. This statement from the Quran have been used repeatedly, ‘Allah does not burden a soul beyond it can bear’ that included women to wear the hijab, muslim to perform 5 daily prayers etc. We forget that this statement does not only apply to all the tests that we are facing, it is also to the commands sent upon us. Wallahu’alam.

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