Slow Down & Observe #theshawllabel


Today, i would like us to slow down. How long has it been since we last slowed down? I remember feeling fatigue all the time after returning from work. I’d ask myself, is this how life is? To be exhausted and uninspired to do/ go for the things i love? From then onwards, i promised myself to slow down.

Every morning, i’d take a slow walk to my bus stop, phone in the bag, eyes on the trees and sky and appreciate the subhanallah beautiful nature that i would have missed out if i looked at my phone the moment i step out of the house. As a result, nature has made me calmer and helped me align my vibes for the day.

The challenge for you today is ‘things you can see when you slow down in your daily hustle’ share with us something that you had missed out yesterday and noticed today. You’ll be amazed at how slowing down can lead to awesome things without realising it.

On the side, i write for pagess too. This is a collaboration with #theshawllabel


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