The beauty of holding back


It has been sometime since I’ve had a cohesive and motivated team. The one that has the balance of work, play and as 1 team.

I haven’t had a smooth journey in my career, I’ve learnt to keep it all to myself and the people who met me along the way commented on how quiet i am. The irony. The environment we are in surely have a considerable impact on how we express ourselves.
As i hold back on my personality, less loud, more observant and listen more, I wondered if i had to more outspoken to get more attention or have a more likable personality to prove my capabilities. Am i not being expressive enough? Can i be quiet and shine?
Holding back taught me,
Yes, you can be quiet and shine.

Politeness shine, respect shine, asking the right questions shine, and most importantly producing quality work shines the brightest. I proved to myself that i don’t need to be loud to win, i just needed all these to prove my work.
Less loud, more observant and listen more means paying attention to the finer details like understanding how people work and how to approach them. These are the little details that will add value to yourself and people management.

If you’ve always battle being quiet and afraid that your work will go unnoticed, I’d say that your quality will speak louder than personality. Don’t worry about the ‘louder’ people, you are in a different league. So no comparison is justifiable!

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