let go and tawakkal #theshawllabel



I hope the week have been good for all of you insya allah. The pass few weeks havent been going the way I’ve wanted it to be. I realise that i have created a world of hopes and expectations around me that when things don’t go my way, i crumble. Im so broken inside and i kept asking why, why must this happen to me?
I paused today and it hit me that I’ve been controlling my days too much. I had forgotten to let go and tawakkal. I forget that Allah is the best planner. After many sleepless & crying nights, tonight, insya allah, i plan to take a moment to let go, make dua, tawakkal, seek Allah’s guidance in every step of the way.
This is the challenge i would like to extend to all you ladies. To take a moment, to think about the struggles you are going through and realign the mindset. Take a deep breath, breath out and let go with ‘bismillahi tawakkaltu ‘alallahi wa la hau la wa la kuwata illa billa hil ‘aliyil azim’ with your heart, mind and soul. Insya allah, this will lift the burdens off your shoulders, if not all, at least a little.

Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bare 🙂 may allah make it easy for all of us insya allah 💖


on the side, i write for pages too. This is a collaboration with #theshawllabel

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