Work: To bring it home?


When it comes to bringing work home, I am a no no but last weekend, i broke my own rule and brought work home in probably 3 years (or more) and I’m so glad i am done albeit with full day meetings and multiple OTs throughout the week alhamdulillah! My excuse was i really needed a lot of time to focus and figure it all out.

I am for the idea of work life balance and very protective of it. I was once asked by my previous employer ‘why do you come at 8.30 and leave by 5.30? Can’t you stay longer?’ I politely declined by saying ‘I’m sorry i have other commitments’ thank god he didn’t probe further because the answer would have been and will always be, I am committed to create a balance life for myself and family.

Sometimes, I find it real hard to manage my to do list at work and recently, missed deadlines 🙁  and this is how do it:

I continue to keep an open communication with my boss by organising a weekly catch up session

  • I’ll update her my tasks for the week
  • Ask on topics that needs clarification
  • Share the struggles i am facing (everything is urgent! new tasks today that was due yesterday)
  • Discuss the priority for items i have in my to do list.

This way, it’s easy breasy for the both of us. She knows my workload (to not overload me) and i am clear of my timelines. This has allowed me to build rapport and trust by keeping it transparent and her updated.
After many years, i find that this is the most effective way to manage my tasks and be on top of my game without feeling burnt out.What about you? Do you practice work life balance like me? How do you stay on top of your game? .
If you’ve never organised a ‘short catch up session’ (this line works every time) with your boss before, do it now! Do it even if he doesn’t want to see you. He will want to see you more when you know what to ask, produce quality work in a timely manner!

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