Its a wonder how painting can change how you see things


Recently, i signed up for a painting course after trying out a session of acrylic painting and thought that it may be something that i am good at. In the introductory class, i didn’t expect to get my mind blown with different perspectives on shapes and colors, amazingly, on life too.

The 3 important lessons i’ve learnt on my journey with painting.

1. To unlearn shapes and look at shades.

Its natural for human to see the big picture, not noticing the little details that make up the picture. If we slow down and appreciate the details in life like the struggles, the pain, the journey, when we look back at the bigger scenario, that moment we got that first promotion, we embrace the bitter sweet emotions as well instead of just getting that first promotion.

2. Colors and monotone

Colors can be beautiful but it could be a major distraction. Like the business of life, the many plans we arrange every day can bring momentary excitement but it drains out energy after a period of time. With exhaustion, we lose focus on the things that matters. It is easy to get distracted but it is harder to get back on track. What are our priorities in life? How are we planning out daily activities?

3. Keep going at it, it will eventually be better.

Don’t give up is an over used statement but when i kept going at it at one spot of my painting, it eventually got better, i finally achieved what i wanted. Although many times in my mind i wish i had a better brush, i wish i had a better instructor. I realise, if i use the brushes a little longer, i can learn how to use it a little better. if i try to explore it on my own without an instructor, i get creative with my imagination. There is always something beautiful to appreciate with the limitations of life, we don’t always have to get what we want.

What’s your choice? To appreciate the process or complain that we don’t have enough?



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