Unemployment: Interview + Resume

To date, i can say that I’ve been to almost 20 job interviews in my career journey. I was on a roll to find a job or any job of my interest. I went out and kept going at it to seek opportunities even if it meant sacrificing my lunch hour.

I went for a sales position, something that i honestly had no interest in it but i was wiling to give it a shot. The moment the interviewer saw me, there was a change of expression on his face. I know, the market is not receptive of a hijab in sales environment but gave my best anyway. No surprise, i didn’t get a call back from this company. To be honest, I couldn’t understand Allah’s delay, i was so desperate then.

6 months later, i decided to leave my job. 2 weeks before i tendered, i got a call from that company. The lady said ‘6 months ago you came for an interview for a sales position, I’m asking if you are interested for another position?‘ The position was nothing compared to what I’ve done in the past. It was a total career switch. I seized the opportunity with an open mind to learn as much as i can.

Subhanallah, where did that come from?

Looking back, that step i took to go out for interviews, try a totally new job scope has led me to where i am today.

If i had not been open to new opportunities, i wouldn’t have discovered what i love doing today.


My lecturer told me ‘update your resumè constantly, opportunities are always there’ and that very advice, the availability and readiness of my updated resumè has led me to another opportunity recently, Alhamdulillah.

How many of us out there are complaining about our jobs but not doing anything about it?

How many of us are being introduced to a job position but had to miss it because resumè is not ready, because change is terrible.

Change will only push you forward.

Equip yourself with the right attitude to open doors

To give your best no matter what

To embrace opportunities 

To trust and believe that there are reasons to Allah’s delays.

Never ever stop trying

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