Unemployment: Freedom + Job Hunting

I enjoyed the fact that i woke up every morning without having to think of what the day is going to be like. PJ all day every day. I didn’t have to think of the agenda for the day, my never ending to-do-list at work, a boss to report to.

That feeling of ‘freedom’ that i was waiting for, it is finally here! Working right after receiving my diploma, my big break is here.

Unfortunately, the amazing feeling was short lived, it lasted a maximum of 3 weeks.

Insecurities will set in. You will question yourself a lot, and people will ask too.

It is everybody’s dream to just quit their job and not do anything.

What did i put myself into?


Job hunting was not easy.

My mother kept asking ‘are you looking for a job?’ She doesn’t believe it cause i don’t seem to be opening the newspaper for job hunting (traditionally). That was added pressure.

Statistically or not, it felt like for every 100 resume sent out, about 10 will respond. Out of which you will get 2 calls for interview. You won’t even know if you are going to get a call back.


I went for multiple interviews (next post), with so much hope. I really wanted a job, ironically.

Some interviews were so technical, i looked like a fool. It was painful. I remember crying after an interview because i felt incapable and i wanted for it to happen so much.
I saw myself going down, went for a jog and sat by the reservoir. I thought about


Why & What i wanted from all of this?

I recalled;

How firm i was of my decision

How much i knew what i wanted


It is so easy to get caught up in the painful cycle with all the pressure around. I was derailed. I was a ball of emotions. I had to pick myself up again and continued the cycle but this time I was clear of what I’m going for.

Always, look back at the intentions and decisions that brought you here.
Keep these verses in your heart to continue on any battle. Remember Allah’s promise to us

Allah does not burden a soul beyond it can bear(2:286)

With every difficulty, there is ease(94:5)

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