#motherdaughtertrip: Wants and Needs

The realistic part about going on a #motherdaughtertrip is that you have to put your wants and needs aside to make way for your mother.

This means that you will have to sacrifice not going to that further attraction because mama will be exhausted. You will not have the best #ootd photos because mama don’t own a smart phone but tries her best to take your photo. This also means that you will not be able to stop by nearby shops to catch up with the rest of the tour. This also means you will have to help her with her boots because she cannot bend down. This also means you will have to ensure that she is warm enough, has her gloves on every time you go outdoor.

Once i didn’t set my expectations right and felt so devastated i didn’t get to see that beautiful cardigan in one of the shop houses in Turkey. But i asked myself

If I could do with one less cardigan?

Does it matter that i don’t have a perfect ootd?

Does it matter that i don’t get to explore it all out there?


The answer is no, it don’t matter.

My mother’s joy and happiness (including me not throwing a tantrum that i missed out on many things because of the constraints), her comfort, warmth and safety are my priorities just like how she took care of me when i was younger.

Her happiness is mine to witness and keep forever.

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