#motherdaughtertrip: Together

The best part of going on a #motherdaughtertrip is mama tucking her frail hands in my arms all the time and we both look forward to the daily itinerary. Ah, finally ma and i are on the same page. ‘Maaaa we are going to the garden, maaaa look at all the yellow red leaves!’ There is a sense of joy when she says ‘i know this is your place’ *beams* it comforts me that my mother knows me after all.


Whatever it is that gives you a sense of joy when it comes from your mother, be it a small act, a simple statement, the cheapest gift, it will happen when you allow it to happen, not when we are always in our rooms, on our phones. In fact, you will enjoy more precious moments if we continue to create it. 

If there’s anything in this world you should invest in first and always, invest your money, time, effort in your mother. 

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