#motherdaughtertrip: Forgive

Despite the issues i had with my mother, i will have to admit that she is a superwoman i look up to. Despite the decisions she made, some of which i disagree and didn’t understand her line of thoughts, i yearn to return home to see my mother’s smile and hear her voice greeting me ‘eh! Da balik’.


How do you forgive your mother and move on?

Because i know that there will be one day when i return home, i will not see her smile or hear her voice.

Because i respect that the decisions she made was her best judgement to manage the situation.

Because i have a duty as a daughter to continue to care for her despite our differences.

Because she has her bad days too like we do. Why does she have to understand our bad days but she doesn’t deserve to throw a tantrum on other days?

Because everyone makes mistakes. It may not be the best decision to handle a situation in that manner but especially mothers, they deserves all the chances in the world.

As much as i wanted the adventure of a lifetime travelling the world, i know that my mother deserves a trip as much as i think I deserve a break.  #motherdaughtertrip

Often times, we forget that a mother craves love and attention from her children as much as we demand it from them whenever we want to.

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