Unemployment: Intentions

Set your intentions right.

If you are quitting your job, never allow these excuses to be the reasons you are leaving e.g. ‘i want to teach my boss a lesson’ ‘i want him to suffer when i leave’ ‘i want to show him he has lost a very good staff’ trust me, this will never happen. Your departure will not be much of an impact for the company. Even I was replaced within a few days after I tendered.

I’ve seen  people being asked to leave with 24 hours notice and I’ve seen a position being replaced almost immediately. At the end of the day, if you leave to prove a silly point, you will be filled with regrets as the intentions are not right.


When thinking of the intentions, 5 crucial questions:

  1. Why do i want to leave my job?
  2. Have i tried my best to approach the issues i am facing? In the company and in myself?
  3. How is my mental health and what is causing it? Do i feel anxiety? Fearful? Unbearable pressure?
  4. What do i want? Career growth? Financial Security? Is this job fulfilling it?
  5. Do i like what I’m doing? If I’m searching for the next job, will it be the same or a different job scope?

Also, How long have i been in this company? In my opinion, you can hold on to a job and try to make it look good in your resumè minimally 1 year to move. There is a misconception that you will have to wait 5 years in order to move. If you have a genuine reason and good experience, the years don’t matter.

For some, you may ask the people around you if you should leave your job. I know i did.  I find that after re-telling my struggles for the millionth time, nobody understands the pain, confusion and struggles I go through.

It is essential to come back to these questions.

Only you have the answers and conclusion.


In this day and age, it is really tough to secure a job. If you can hold on a bit longer, try a bit harder, i suggest to continue searching for a job and not leave just yet. If you can’t, there are other points to know and note, to prepare before leaving a job without securing another that i will be sharing in the subsequent posts.

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