Unemployment: Finance

Quitting without having another job waiting is financially taxing.

In Singapore, from my experience and sharing from friends, we all passed the 6th month mark minimally. Not knowing this, i prepared some money for a few months only. Who thought that 8 years of working experience will leave me unemployed for 6 months? No one is excluded.

You will not have a flow of money for the next coming months. The struggle is REAL.


How do you prepare for it?

1. Calculate how much you need for the next 6 months

  • Write down your monthly expenses e.g. home expenses, study loans, transportation, bills, insurance, include everything. If you haven’t been keeping track, this is very important. You need to know where your money goes & cut back where necessary.
  • Now, look at that amount x 6 months. Add +/-$1000 for emergency purposes.

Are you financially ready? You have to be responsible of your actions. If you wish to leave your job, you will need to prepare the money. Please do not depend on your family to pay your bills. They have their own financial woes you don’t know about. Although i had my siblings offering money to supplement, i turned them down, not because i was proud but because i wanted to be responsible and independent.

2. Lifestyle changes

You will have to give a pass on Starbucks, miss that dinner gathering and not buy that beautiful dress. It is not because you don’t have the money but it is more of ‘how do i recur back that amount spent?’ You will have to constantly keep at the back of your head that the bank account is going downhill. Would you want to go ahead with the invitation and regret ‘I shouldn’t have joined’ for the next few weeks?




3. Cut off all subscription.

Yes, that netflix, spotify etc. Unless it has been included in the monthly expenses, you will have to let that go.

If it is hard to decide which to let go, question if it’s a priority? Trust me, you’ll come to realize that you don’t need it. This is your chance to learn to live minimally. You will be surprised on living simply, you’ll start to wonder why you need it before.

4. How can i get (more) money?

Be open to opportunities. Think about any ad-hoc income you can earn e.g. part time, tuition, baking, delivery, selling pre-loved, any kind. Anything that comes along will bring interesting experiences! You might even discover a new passion.


Having gone through it, I felt like had to step up my game in being responsible, be money wise and place my ultimate trust in Allah. It was really tough knowing that there is no money coming in. In this moment I learnth the whole meaning of Tawakkul, to surrender, to place your complete trust in Him. It emphasized my believe that Rizqi comes from one source, The Provider.

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